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Discover The Secret SMART Nigerian Seasoned Infopreneurs, Marketers, Advertisers & Promoters Like ME Do To Get GSM Users Give Us Money Regularly Even Without You Begging Or Selling Any Product To Them…           Guaranteed!
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Peter Essien {GSM Shortcode Marketer} has brought to you one of the biggest offer that as been hidden for so long, that you hardly find online available or tap easily from any source, many people as spent so much money to get into this opportunity and end up making millions of Naira from it annually. We have finally decided to let the cat out of the bag and opening this scarce and rare money making
opportunity to Job seekers, Unemployed, Employee and anybody who want to either start generating additional income , or make more money.

So what is it all about?

We call it GSM Short Code, have you ever receive a message from either any of your service providers such as (GLO/MTN/AIRTEL/STARCOMMS/ETISALAT) or from somewhere else introducing an offer to you and asking you to send your reply to a particular short set of numbers e.g. (33452) let us see a live scenario of how this short code look like and how it is been used.

Mr.A received a message that looks like this:

“Thrill ur callers with Hot Tunez! Owo Ni Koko by Davido Text 011354 to 33452, Ojuelegba by Wizkid,Text 0011435, Implication by 2face Text 011338 to 33452.SMS cost N50?”.  
Would you like to start each day with a prayer and Bible Quotes? Send PRAYER To 33114 for daily Prayer and Bible To 33314 for daily Bible.SMS cost N100 for 1month.                                               
This is a sample message sent to Mr. A, immediately Mr. A send FREE MADNESS as stated to the number 33452; 50Naira will be deducted from his phone credit.

Do you know the owner of the Short Code that you actually send the reply to with the 50Naira that was deducted from your account? And as many people the owner of the short code send the message to the more he his gaining 50Naira from each person that respond to the text and it keep accumulating like that till it form a whole lots of money.

Let take for instance of a worst case scenario that you where able to send to 5000 people then you should be making 250,000 Naira at a go, while you can still send to as many people as you want.
This sound Fantastic, so let’s see how you too can create your own short code number from any of the popular service providers with a very low capital and start making whole lots of money by using it as a daily business.


This is the secret Top GSM Short Code (i.e. 33452) Operators don’t want you to know! In the last few months, I have broken the hearts of some “I TOO KNOW” short code operators i.e. I – Touch, Mtech when I exposed How To Get Your Own Short Code To Advertise Your Products/Service On A Platter Of Gold and earn in 3 dynamic ways when people send their details to you in this format: CLICK (space) information (space) email address to 35143!

Before I show you this fantastic secret, I will be glad to show you the 3 various ways that I have been able to make money from this short code service.

• I earn when thousands of GSM Users send "Where would you like to be in this Easter season? Text either (a) Kuala Lumpur (b) Dubai (c) South Africa to 33452 and win fantastic prizes.N100/sms from GLO/MTN/ZAIN/STARCOMMS/ETISALAT, which they find very easy to do.

• Having spent their N100 to obtain more information about my product/service advertised and having become my potential lists, I send my carefully prepared sales letter to them and earn more when they buy the product/service. (I have included a practical way I received 4700 replies from Nigerians in one single day and sold to 3, 150 of them)

• And thirdly, I either rent their phone numbers / email addresses to other marketers/organizations e. t. c. who want to advertise their products & services and seminars for the cost of N50 per subscriber which brings me an additional N5, 000 per 100 subscribers. What if you have 1000 subscribers, which I will show you how, and charge a token amount of N40 per subscriber, it goes for a whooping N40, 000 just for a single deal. Isn’t that terrific? What is the secret behind this success? Wait till I unfold it in …


what you have just read above is not a joke. Yours truly activated the system after several months of terror research on how this money making machine can get into the hands of ordinary Nigerians from the big players i.e. Mtech, I – Touch e. t. c. And here and now, it is at your door step, knocking gently at your door waiting for you to open. Next, I will tell you what the perfect GSM Money Making Machine is.


The perfect GSM Money Making System is a system that collects GSM users’ money, phone numbers and email addresses when they request for more information about your advertised product/service by sending a text like: CLICK (space) information (space) email address to 35143.

Have you ever sent a text to some short code numbers that look like this 35575? Then you must have given someone else money without him begging or even selling any product to you. That is the way so many people are giving money to different short code numbers regularly, including mine, while the owners smile to the bank. And this numbers are easy for you to get and start getting others to give you money regularly.


1) You earn when GSM Users send their N100 to your short code.

2) If the product/service you advertised is salable, you will earn when you offer your product’s sales letter to them.

3) You will earn when other people advertise their products/services to the details of your subscribers. I actually earned N10, 000 in few minutes advertising an ICT seminar at the cost of N50 per subscriber to 200 subscribers.

Your story will be the same if you grab a copy of the GSM Money-Making Machine, activate it and make use of it. There is no bluffing about it.


Apart from the very fact that you can reach your subscribers directly if you have any other product to sell, you can turn their phone numbers and email addresses into another pot of wealth. The introductory report is contained in: How To Transform Their Phone Numbers & Email Addresses Into Another Pot Of Wealth Using The Power To Get Wealth – GSM Phone (An Introductory Report)!


That is also well taken care of as I have provided a down to earth detail in: 5 Crazy Things That Will Attract Thousands Of People To Your System And Make Them Spend Their Money Immediately They Set Their Eyes On Your System!

I know you are wondering how that can be possible, wait till I unfold all the hidden secrets to you in a way even a 10 year old child can understand.

                           NOW WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

Take a decisive step right now to set up your own “GSM MONEY-MAKING MACHINE”. I think that is what you should get up and do.


As a fellow infopreneur, marketer, advertiser, promoter, you will agree with me that the well of knowledge you are about to access is worth more than N50, 000. Here and now, I am giving you the eBook Free of charge (Call 08038144203 now). If you still delay, then you will pay N10, 000 few days from now.

If you don’t rush now, I sincerely cannot guarantee you will even get it this again anywhere and besides, you won’t get some of the invaluable assets that I have included in the package such as:

1. How To Get Over 100,000 Nigerians To Send Money To You In Less Than 7 Days!
2. 3 Cogent Things You Must Put In Place To Make The System Work Effectively!
3. Advertising Secret Of All Ages Revealed: One HOT Button You Must Press To Attract Very Hungry Fishes (GSM Users) Who Will Not Only Be Happy To Send You Money But Will As Well Be Grateful To You Forever…Guaranteed!
4. 5 Crazy Things That Will Attract Thousand Of GSM Users To Your System And Make Them Spend Their Money Immediately They Set Their Eyes On Your System!
5. How To Transform Their Phone Numbers And Email Addresses Into Another Pot Of Wealth Using The Power To Get Wealth – GSM Phone! (An Introductory Report)

Now you can see that getting a copy of the brand new GSM Money Making Machine” for potential people like you is not just an option but a MUST for anyone who is serious about business and personal success. You are guaranteed a knowledge based empowerment that will always make you better off than those who won’t have access to this all round well of knowledge.


The Biggest GSM Short Code Price Crash Ever!
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Which other business system with the ability to make you a profit everyday, without the need for an office or any other set up costs can you start with this amount?
The answer is NONE.


This is why... You Should Not Miss This Chance!

  • It will pay you big. Because, it doesn't matter if you if you are a job seeker, unemployed, an employee etc.

  • You don’t need to have any experience whatsoever., All you need is to have a genuine desire to start generating additional income or make more money. As long as you have that you are ready!


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Account Name:-     Peter Essien
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Account Name:-    Peter Essien
Account Number:- 0028046913
Bank Name:-         Diamond Bank

See You At The TOP!


Peter Essien
A.K.A GSM Short Code Practitioner
CEO / Hire Yourself Network